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Welcome to The V Formation

Welcome to The V Formation, a blog focused on enterprise product strategy and entrepreneurship. Who am I? I'm Vivek Saraswat, a venture capital investor at  Mayfield Fund .  Over the years I've had the privilege of working in product management for some great companies--startups and giants alike--in the enterprise infrastructure and developer tools space. For example, I launched and managed Docker's primary enterprise product, created VMware's Storage for Cloud-Native Apps initiative, and worked at AWS on snapshots for Elastic Block Store. In a previous life I was an early engineer at a venture-backed energy startup, before I traded in my clean room bunny-suit for the world of product specs and GitHub issues. At Mayfield I invest in early stage enterprise startups, with a focus on next generation infrastructure and applications. I spend about half my time on new investments and market analysis, and the other half helping our portfolio companies on areas like