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From Servant Leader to Servant Investor: Year One of a PM Turned VC

There is a profound intimacy that early stage investors develop with founders, and it stems from long days and late nights spent in the gritty business of company building. Some months into joining venture capital at Mayfield, I had coffee with a friend who asked me a question I’d heard more than once up to that point. The conversation went something like this: ”So, done any deals yet?” “Nope. I’ve actually been spending a bunch of time helping our portfolio companies with whatever they need, like product strategy, marketing, pricing, and hiring.” “Ah got it, so they can be a deal source or reference for new deals you’re trying to win?” “Well, not really. I'm doing it to help our companies succeed." I am now just over a year into my venture capital career, and I have now indeed done some deals. But I have come to realize that I am not here just to do deals. I am here to help build companies. I am here to be a servant investor. Perhaps that terms sounds famili