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Putting the Product in Product-Led GTM

Product-Led Go-To-Market is a hot topic in the world of software today, and doubly so when it comes to open source software. Ultimately, getting Product-Led-GTM right comes down to getting the fundamentals of your product right, which means getting your bottoms-up value proposition, user/buyer upsell pipeline, and commercial vs. open team culture balance absolutely right. This can get tricky in practice and has its own nuances. A few months ago, I gave a presentation at the first inaugural Open Core Summit (OCS) on "Putting the Product in Product-Led GTM", a deep-dive around how to optimize your product strategy, architecture, and teams for commercial open-source software with a bottoms-up adoption model. These insights came from experiences in both my past operator life as a product leader at Docker, VMware, and AWS, as well as my current investor life at Mayfield working with product-led GTM companies like Rancher, Hashicorp, and DEV Community. In the spirit of the op