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Where I'm Hunting for Enterprise Infrastructure Startups in 2020

Every time January rolls around, venture capitalists bring out their crystal balls on where they believe things are headed in the new year. As an early-stage investor at  Mayfield , I suppose I'm no different. But as a product guy at heart, I try to stay out of the ivory tower, keep my ear to the ground, and constantly meet with talented entrepreneurs, engineers, product managers, IT executives, open-source maintainers, and other industry leaders within the enterprise infrastructure community. It's these conversations that have driven my areas of startup investment for 2020. If you're building or thinking of building something in these areas, I'd love to talk with you. Cloud Native Day 2 The world of cloud-native has changed. Six years ago, I was a fiery (possibly misguided) product manager trying to tell anyone who would listen how this whole container thing was going to revolutionize the way applications are built. Now,  Kubernetes  has effectively been acce