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Hooks and Upsell: Product and GTM Strategy for Bottoms-Up Adoption

Last month I gave a talk at Open Core Summit 2020 on the topic of bottoms-up adoption product and go-to-market strategy. The driving force for this presentation came from these insights: 1) In trying to get to product-market-fit, many enterprise startups focus on product but forget about market--often due to a lack of Go-To-Market (GTM) experience. Some knowledge on GTM adoption and sales models can help founders save precious time and money while building up the company, long before bringing on a VP Sales or Marketing. 2) Bottoms-up Adoption and Product-led GTM models have become very popular as driven by commercial open-source, freemium SaaS, or similar methodologies. But many startups often get the execution wrong; having spent time with several successful bottoms-up companies, I believe there is a method to the madness for doing it correctly. Here is the video of the presentation (slides at the bottom), along with key takeaways: 1: GTM drives Product, not Vice-Versa Having talked w