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Five Things I've Learned About Enterprise Product Strategy

Over the years I've picked up both successes and battle scars on the topic of enterprise product strategy. As a former product leader at Docker, VMware, and AWS I built and managed multiple enterprise products and teams, and now as a venture investor at Mayfield I assist and advise startups on product and go-to-market strategy. Recently I had the chance to share some of these experiences in a presentation and Q&A as a part of the Angular Ventures Insights webinar series. Here's the full video for "Five Things I've Learned About Enterprise Product Strategy", and below my key takeaways and slides. 1. Prioritization: The Power of Focus Many founders and startup product leaders like to talk about their grand product vision, and then all the features they want to build to accomplish that vision. The truth is that most startups die of indigestion, not starvation. As a startup you have a limited set of resources you can choose to allocate, so there is an